About Us


O’Marin is an American and European cosmetics brand.

We have created a naturally products with outstanding performance – O’Marin breakthrough technology to produce highly pure natural ingredients. Marine biology to construct single cells with high productivity of natural ingredients. O’Marin complex sourced by cultivating fresh marine plants from around the world with synergistic benefits. Marine plants are comprised of the following rich in polysaccharides, or complex sugars that have been found to improve the skin aging response. They also contain minerals and Amino Acids, Vitamins A, E and B12 for increase collagen in skin, and also other marine plants with high levels vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids used as a powerful skin rejuvenating agent. The vitamins and minerals found in marine can accelerate the skin’s regeneration process. High macro- and micro-nutrient contents and appears to be particularly effective for problem skin conditions and high in polysaccharides that help the skin store moisture and improve elasticity.O’Marin technology has developed through biology, bioengineering, designing, testing that enable us to modify the way marine plants process the production of desired naturally products. At our laboratory in the Silicon Valley, we optimize the entire processes to be the leading technology in cosmetic. Processes are optimized through the metabolic pathways with dedicated marine single cells through biotechnology.

O’Marin creating the most natural rich skin care with anti-aging, moisturizing, and brightening, and much more active ingredients. Each skin care contain beneficial cell biology full of natural ingredients, ultimate rejuvenation, protection, absolute brilliance or lift, all O’Marin skincare products have high purity, quality and with a remarkable anti-aging properties.

O’Marin produce richer in brightening, nutrition, and anti-aging skin care. O’Marin unique technology produce high quality natural ingredients from marin plants. Proteins, lipids and polysaccharides are trapped into the vesicle and deliver to the skin the most valuable natural active ingredients for the skin to seal moisture, anti-aging ingredients within your skin longer than ever. Your skin glow, smoother and protected from the signs of aging and look much younger.